Dealing with anxiety when a child is due to start school

Starting school is one of the very first major transitions of a child's life. Without fully understanding why, they are placed into a new environment with people they don't know.

However, children are adept at embracing new experiences. After all, when a child is very young, nearly everything they encounter is brand new to them.

It goes without saying that such a massive change in a child's life could cause them to become slightly anxious, but the same can be said for parents and carers. So, how can adults cope with the anxiety associated with their child going to school?

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Non-toxic DIY air fresheners

Commercial air fresheners can bring many unnatural aromas into your home. There are, however, completely safe and natural alternatives to help keep your home refreshed. We made these air fresheners in the cafe with only two ingredients—baking soda and essential oils!  You can use any container: used pasta sauce jars, milk bottles, mason jars etc.

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The benefits of physical play during the early years

We are all guilty of not exercising enough and for leading a couch-based lifestyle. This is not good for our physical or mental health, and neither is it good for our kids. Studies have proven that a child who is active during the early years will be more active in adulthood, so we need to create an active and physical lifestyle for our little ones. Below we explore the benefits of physical play for your toddler and how you can help them be more active. 

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Reading with your child

Reading with your child is a joyous activity which brings huge benefits to their cognitive and emotional development.

There’s lots of evidence to suggest that children who read every day develop a broader vocabulary and do better in reading tests. But studies have also shown that children who read regularly develop an increased general knowledge and even do better at school.

However, sharing a book with your child is also a wonderful way to bond and spend some lovely time together lost in a story.

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My Place Play Cafe
What kind of parent are you?

Hands up, who remembers uttering the words 'I'm never going to be that type of parent' before you had children?

The truth is, until you welcome your first baby into the world, there's no way of telling what parenting method you will adopt. Most people fall naturally into a parenting style, some take a little longer to find their rhythm, but chances are you've probably already begun to regret judging other peoples' parenting methods in the past.

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Help your child give up the dummy

A dummy is a useful tool when your baby is young, and it can also have many benefits into toddlerhood. However, every parent knows there comes a time to help your child give their dummy up. Dummy-weaning is advised by the NHS as your baby becomes a toddler in order to encourage speech development, protect teeth and encourage your child to self-soothe. But your toddler doesn’t always agree!

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